Our bodies are designed to move. They WANT to move. But pain and discomfort can limit our desire and ability to do just that. Injury can inhibit the range of motion, sometimes making it impossible to keep going. But massage can help!

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing still in use today.  Ever hit your head and feel the urge to rub it? It’s our natural instinct to touch the areas of pain or discomfort, bringing relief.  The touch is comforting and familiar.  However, massage works on a deeper level, stimulating circulation, relaxing muscle tension, rehabilitating injuries and more.

While each massage technique provides benefits as its own modality, I use an INTEGRATED approach to draw from each in order to tailor the massage to you.  This is truly YOUR massage, responding to what your muscles and tissues need, each and every time.

You were never meant to be constrained by your body. You were always meant to be free to move…to be….boundless!

osteopathy procedure on the belly, forming a heart with the hands

Therapeutic Massage

This is not your “fluff and buff” massage! I flow through Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Sports techniques to realign your muscles and increase your range-of-motion.

Do you have an injury? Do you experience chronic neck and shoulder fatigue? Does your body feel “stuck”? This massage will bring back balance and movement while relieving stress and tension.

Belly of pregnant woman with sun symbol on it

Prenatal Massage

This is a specialized massage to meet the special needs for mommy and baby. I use the Body Cushion System to comfortably support mom while lying face down, even into the third trimester.  Special attention and care allows for a wonderful connection before birth.

Prenatal massage releases pressure, improves circulation, improves sleep, reduces stress and aids the body’s natural ability to prepare for labor and delivery.

The body feels better….mommy feels better….and baby is happy!

As Your Massage Therapist

I will help you to feel your best! I will listen to YOUR needs and deliver a professional, caring massage.

But what makes me different?

One – I know anatomy. Really know it – not just the name of a muscle, tendon or joint but its purpose and function. I know how your muscles work (or should work) and how they play together…either to your detriment or your joy.  I know which muscles to target for a particular problem, which may surprise you (sometimes the troubled area is pain free).  I work the full area of a muscle; not just the large, meaty part. And I ask you to participate on occasion. We are in this together.  If you are interested in additional support between sections, I am happy to give suggestions and “homework” to help you further strengthen and heal your body.

Two – I meet you where you are, in that moment. Each massage with me will be a bit different as differing muscles call out for attention at each session.  We’ll fix the trouble zones, soothe the other zones and hit the reset button for well BEing.

Three –  I make my own massage lotion complete with 7 skin soothing ingredients carefully selected to nourish the skin, ease aching muscles and be sensitive to all skin types. You know you want to try that!

You are in good hands!

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