Basics of Mindful Eating

October 30th – November 13th, 2018

Tuesdays, 5:15p–6:30p

at my office; limit 8 people

Amazing – only $75 for all three classes!
to register, email Amber your request to attend and pay here


Register for the Healthy Hawks Club!

Available only to Hackberry Hill Elementary students.

Classes are 8a-9a on Thursday mornings.

Register for Healthy Hawks club and Pay here (Please enter the correct dollar amount for each session as listed below; please include your child(ren)’s name in the Notes section).

Be sure to complete a registration form available at the Back 2 School night, through Hackberry Hill or through my email at

Students will be introduced to many concepts around mindful eating, nutrition science, growing and selecting foods as well as mindful movement/fitness and stress management through breathing. Below is a general guideline, but may change based on student’s existing knowledge and interest. Let’s have some fun with health!

2. Session 2: Sep 27 – Nov 1 (6 weeks): $90
Students will learn breathing and mindfulness tools along with hunger cues and learning to tune into their bodies.

3. Session 3: Nov 8 – Dec 20 (6 weeks; skip 11/22): $90
Students will have fun learning about foods and holidays from around the world while practicing fullness exercises.

4. Session 4: Jan 10 – Feb 14 (6 weeks): $90
This one’s for the scientists! Students will learn about calories, macro and micro nutrients and food quality.

5. Session 5: Feb 21 – Apr 4 (6 weeks, skip 3/28): $90
Time to engage all the senses! Students will explore foods and eating through sight, texture, taste, smell and sound (wonderful and weird foods).

6. Session 6: Apr 11 – May 23 (7 weeks): $105
Let’s play with our food. The weather is nice, so students will do more movement activities, reconnect with gardening, and explore healthy eating for outdoors and sports activities.

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