You feel energetic.

You feel beautiful.

You feel successful.

You feel confident.

You feel centered.

But life is busy and hectic. To-dos are always present. Sleep is fleeting and food is…fast.

Sometimes you just need someone to point out the path to well-being – YOUR path – because we are all individuals with distinct needs in our lives and our bodies.

This is where the Food Relationship Health Coach comes in. (Hi! Hello!)

What will I do for you? I’ll be your guide, defining your health map and walking the path with you until your reach your goal to make attainable and sustainable changes to improve your health. Basically, I hold your hand and hold you accountable.

A Health Coach is for everyone, but by working with me, you are adopting a Mindful Eating and Mindful Living practice. This style of coaching is best for women and men, young and old, pregnant, family-centered, athletic or not – it fits all; but is not a one-size-fits-all. We are all connected, yet individuals. Individual coaching sessions or the Boundless program is tailored to you while drawing from some universal tips that are good for all!

One-on-one Mindful Health Coaching

Mindfulness is a popular word right now. It can be used in many ways but basically it means “awareness”. It encompasses the idea of being present, living in the moment. This is the key to unlocking your greatest strength to achieving your health goals. Working one-on-one, we will bring a deep awareness to all areas of your life – food, relationships, work, and more – which, working together, create health and vitality for your life.

Perhaps you’re stuck in a food rut and confused about what to eat.

Perhaps your job is overwhelming and handling the stress is, well…stressful.

Perhaps your relationships are not fulfilling and the emotional weight is too heavy.

You need someone to support you. Someone who can look at your life objectively, without judgement and clear the barriers that are holding you back. Health is so much more than just the food on our plate. It’s the people you connect with, the activities you participate in and the willingness to take control of your well-being. You are not alone! We are in this together because I want to see you living a life of joy and good health!

What will I gain by using a Health Coach?

That’s a great question, but one that is a bit hard to answer. You will be connecting with your inner self where endless possibilities await you. Insights and “ah-ha” moments will come forth…specific to you and your needs. But to get you there, we will address the following:

  • Easy, nutrient-dense foods to support your body and goals.
  • Ways to simplify – get back to basics to eat and live cleanly.
  • Your body and mind connection.
  • Your areas of stress and fear and how to let go.
  • Trust and acceptance of your body.
  • Life balance and how to find yours!

What can I expect in a session?

  • Session one is a general conversation: where are you at now, how have you been in the past, and where do you want to be? This gets us to the root of your concerns and outlines your specific goals.
  • Sessions 2 through 10 will dive into your specific goals, one at a time, and identify the steps to move you forward and to see progress.
  • 4 individualized, one-on-one coaching sessions are recommended as a minimum with 12 being the optimal coaching time. (Research shows that taking three months to adjust habits, create a new pattern that is long-lasting).
  • Each session will last 50 minutes and will include a deep dive into “self” along with a step-by-step plan to progress and to reach your goals.
  • At each session, you will receive relevant handouts, activities, recipes, and/or gifts.
  • Every session is held in strict confidentiality.
  • You will also receive ongoing support through email or text.
  • Bonus: health coaching clients receive a 15% discount on massages AND a 30% discount on any group workshops offered during a one-year period.

Are you ready for your best you? I’m ready to help. Connect with me today!

Boundless Experience for Health and Mindful living

Are you ready for a full health transformation? Then you are in the right place. The Boundless Experience is a comprehensive program to address the mind/body/heart connection leading to a joyful relationship with food and yourself. 

Let’s be honest – information is everywhere and you likely know what foods you should eat…but you don’t. Or you’ve tried every fad diet and feel like a failure. Why? The system you are using is broken. It does not break the “habit energy” that is engrained deep within all of us. But the good news – Mindful Eating does just that – it addresses old and emerging habits; it tunes you into your inner wisdom and says:

STOP. BREATHE. PAUSE….Breathe again. Prepare yourself to be great; to unlock all the possibilities!

What is the Boundless Program?

Glad you asked!
When you are living Boundless –

You are Free

Free from restrictions

Free from judgments

Free from Self-doubt

Food does not have control over you. Emotions do not decide what’s for dinner. You are an aware individual eating and living Mindfully.

Boundless will teach you HOW to eat. How to enjoy your food; recognize fullness and body satiety; understand hunger and cravings and much more. It will help you to slow down and embrace food as a necessary and wonderful part of your day (rather than an after-thought as you pull through the drive-through).

Boundless will teach you WHAT to eat. Let go of “bad and good” foods and embrace “sometimes and always” foods! Your body knows what it wants and what it needs. Give yourself the space to listen and the permission to love your food and your body!

Boundless will teach you WHY. Learn the behaviors and motivational drivers that hold influence over your health. Keep some – cut the bonds with others!  You will begin to understand the neuroscience of your brain, and the hidden voices accessing your gut/brain axis while connecting with heart and spirit to overcome any obstacles!

Boundless will journey inward through Meditation – Just Breathe! – to connect you to “self” as a means of understanding that you have control. That you are in charge of your health.

You were never meant to be bound by your body. You want to feel healthy and joyful. Maybe, you want to lose weight and be smaller. Ok – let’s do that. Let’s do all of it – but remember that you are bigger than life! You are boundless!

What will I gain by living boundlessly?

This program helps you through small steps, I call stepping stones, to achieve big results. You will learn:

  • To LISTEN to your body. Forget the Fad diets – eat what’s right for you!
  • To taste – really taste – your food and eat for satisfaction.
  • To recognize hunger and fullness cues.
  • To connect the body and mind through centered breathing.
  • To identify emotional triggers and have a plan to address them.
  • To eat without unnecessary restrictions.
  • To own your mind through awareness.
  • To love the skin your in!
  • To forgive. To accept. To let go and be Boundless!

What is your Boundless experience?

  • 16 weekly coaching sessions.
  • 2 Healing Touch massages
  • BONUS: 1 individual coaching session, via phone, to follow-up and continue with support about a month after the final session.
  • Each session could include meditation and guided visualization along with relevant instruction.
  • Each session includes materials and important handouts, foods and drinks, tools and gifts.

Participants receive discounts:

  • 15% discount on massages for one year
  • 30% discount on group workshops offered within a year
  • a 15% discount on additional individual coaching sessions for a year

This is a powerful program for amazing results! It's time to stop being self-critical and self-limiting and just be more of your amazing Self!

Let’s do this!

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Hey, I’m pretty amazing but I’m not a doctor. Read the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.