We are a Covid-19 safe environment, taking necessary precautions and following all the necessary guidelines.

We are committed to living well…and doing well. Boundless Body and Wellness strives to make a positive impact on the community
through our sustainability initiative. We plant a tree for every client we see. We’ve gone digital reducing our need for paper. We use a
quality water-filtering system to avoid plastic bottles. And, we make our own lotions and products, reducing the toxic load on the body
and the planet. Let’s keep doing good together!

Welcome. You made it here!

Did you get here by chance? If so, we’re glad you did. More likely though, you are here because you are actively searching for better health.

Is it Physical pain from an injury or just daily living? We’ve got a massage for that.

Is it Emotional pain from living a life of stress and poor eating habits? We’ve got a program for that.

No matter the reason, you found us. We are here to ease your pain and to remind you of one very important thing….. You Are Boundless!

Massage in Arvada
How Can We Help?
Massage Therapy in Arvada

Are you sore, injured, or just uncomfortable? We are here to help, offering integrated therapeutic massage, muscle & movement massage, prenatal massage, or a CBD massage.

Health Coach

Amber will be your guide to learning Mindful-based Eating concepts with integrated nutrition to help you feel amazing and to Rock Your Health!

Corine will perform acupuncture which is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health care system that can help the symptoms you are experiencing.

Best Massage Therapist

Amber Stevens Was Voted
“Best of the Best” in 2021

⭐ Tied for Best Massage Company by Arvada
⭐ Best Massage Therapist by Lakewood
⭐ Best Massage Therapist by Arvada
⭐ Best Health Coach by Arvada

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