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Did you get here by chance? If so, I’m glad you did. More likely though, you are here because you are actively searching for better health.

Is it Physical pain from an injury or just daily living? I’ve got a massage for that.

Is it Emotional pain from living a life of stress and poor eating habits? I’ve got a program for that.

No matter the reason, you found me. I am here to ease your pain and to remind you of one very important thing….. You Are Boundless!

How can I help?

Are you sore, injured, or just uncomfortable? I am here to help, offering integrated therapeutic massage or prenatal massage.

I will be your guide to learning Mindful-based Eating concepts with integrated nutrition to help you feel amazing and to Rock Your Health!

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Use honey, or propolis, to fight that cough!
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I have been seeing Amber for 3 years for massage therapy. I see her on a very regular basis for ongoing chronic pain issues. Amber is a very talented massage therapist! I saw many other therapist prior to Amber and only stayed with them a few sessions. I stay with Amber for many reasons. She helps my pain and improves my mobility issues and she runs a professional business. She is on time and ready to work when my massage is scheduled. She really works hard to help me feel better each session. I have recommended Amber to many people and all have had rave reviews. Amber recently helped me with some significant TMJ issues. My new dentist, who specializes in TMJ issues, was so impressed with Amber's work and assessment of the issues that he requested her card. GO AMBER!
Julie Hoffman
My daughter’s recommendation brought me to Amber after a fall on ice that injured my back. Her patient listening and wonderful hands have brought me almost back to normal again! Amber spends time each visit inquiring about my ongoing physical health. Her listening skills direct her to the parts on my body that need the most attention. I find that every visit leaves me feeling “worked on” and back in line with where my body needs to be. My monthly visits with her are something I truly look forward to – she’s the best!
Julie Madigan
I've had chronic neck pain since I was 17 years old. Many modalities and even more practitioners have come and gone without enough success to warrant continuing them. Amber has been the singular exception to that as she has resisted the tendency to fall into a stagnant treatment routine - always listening to me and my muscles and constantly adapting care to my changing body in order to get results.
Bethany Lefor

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