Massage Therapist in Arvada


Welcome. You made it here!

Did you get here by chance? If so, I’m glad you did. More likely though, you are here because you are actively searching for better health.

Is it Physical pain from an injury or just daily living? I’ve got a massage for that.

Is it Emotional pain from living a life of stress and poor eating habits? I’ve got a program for that.

No matter the reason, you found me. I am here to ease your pain and to remind you of one very important thing….. You Are Boundless!

How can I help?

Are you sore, injured, or just uncomfortable? I am here to help, offering integrated therapeutic massage or prenatal massage.

I will be your guide to learning Mindful-based Eating concepts with integrated nutrition to help you feel amazing and to Rock Your Health!

Latest Posts

Interested in intuitive Eating? You must do this first!
Are you fed up with dieting? Good. Fad diets often lead to disappointment and long-term weight gain. So now, you’ve started looking for what you...

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The Importance of White Space
When I was younger, I loved art. My art teacher taught me about composition and understanding how everything has its place, even the empty spaces....

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An Emotional Embrace
Let it go. I hear myself saying these words often. “Let it go; it doesn’t serve you.” “Let it go; it’s not worth the pain.”...

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The Gravity of Balance
“Call 911.” “Call 911.” Those were the words I heard calling across my neighbor’s fence. He was home, alone, and had fallen. He was trying...

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Help for Good Health
My tulips are not the only thing springing up this time of year. A theme has quickly emerged from my conversations with friends and clients....

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Why do my emotions make me eat?
What a roller coaster of a month! I’ve experienced some amazing highs and some scary lows. I  can easily say, this has been one of...

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